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About DogCam 

Take perfect pics of your dog with DogCam - Dog Selfie Camera.

DogCam is a camera app that’s designed to capture your dog’s best angles – by making sure they look at the camera. 

You can get your dog’s attention using in-camera sound effects including cheerful barking, a high-pitch whistles, squeaky toys, cats meowing or one of over 100 more!

If your dogs’ in the frame but looking off into the distance, tap a sound button to play a sound effect, and – bingo! – your dog will look straight to camera to try to work out where the loud noise is coming from.
You can also record videos whilst playing sound effects, for those more animated memories of your doggo. Did somebody say head tilt? 

Top Features

#1 - Over 100 Dog-Distracting Sound Effects

Tap to play sound effects right within the camera. 

Choose from the one of the free sounds or purchase over 100 more via in-app-purchases. With so many sound effects to choose from you’ll always have a surprise up your sleeve to get your dogs attention and snap that prefect pic. 

All the sound effects have been carefully tested for reactions from dogs of all kinds of breeds. Sounds include whistles, barking, cats meowing, animal noises, humans shouting, birds chirping, electronic effects and so many more. You’ll never run out of surprises for you dog. 

#2 - All Your Favourite Camera Features

What good are sound effects if you can’t take good photos? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

DogCam comes with all the camera features you’d expect, including:

  • Photo and video modes
  • Live photos support
  • Countdown timer
  • Flash control
  • Zoom control
  • Tap to focus 

#3 - Photos & Videos Saved Straight To Your Photo Library - No Watermarks!

Not only do you have a great camera at your fingertips but all the photos and videos you capture are saved straight to your phones photo library. 

DogCam doesn’t add any watermarks to photos or videos, giving you full access to the moments you capture. 

Edit and share your photos just as you would with those taken within the built-in camera app.

#4 - Full Accessibility & Voice-Over Support   

Everyone should be able to take great photos of their pupperooni, and DogCam makes that possible with extensive accessibility support. 

Sound selection is made easy with custom voice-over support, meaning the next sound effect is always just a swipe or tap away. 

Record videos, activate timers, jump to the photo library – all features are accessible through voice-over read outs.

Here’s what one of users had to say about DogCam:

“The sounds make him (my dog) pay attention so no more side head shots. And the fact that it’s voice-over compatible means that even I, with my limited sight, can take pictures. Good job.” 

#5 - No ads. Privacy By Design.

DogCam takes your privacy and experience seriously. 

We don’t store any photos or videos within the app, they get saved straight to your photo library. 

No personal data is collected. Only anonymous data is collected for analytics purposes, and this is only to help monitor app usage.

No annoying ads. None. Zero. 

All Features
- In-camera sound effect buttons - over 100 dog-distracting sounds are just a tap away 
- Snap photos or record videos, whichever captures your dog's moment best
- Switch between the selfie and forward cameras in an instant
- Capture live photos and view them in your photo library as usual 
- Set the flash just the way you like it - on, off or automatic
- Set a countdown timer - 3 or 10 seconds
- Pinch to zoom
- Tap to re-focus
- Accessible design with voice-over support


The app is free to download and offers 3 complimentary sounds, meaning you can try out DogCam on your dog without paying a penny. 

If you want to try out more sounds there are over 100+ premium sounds available to unlock via in-app purchases. You can either purchase an individual sound pack which includes 20+ sounds (£1.99/US$1.99/AUD$2.99 each), or unlock all sounds by purchasing the ‘Unlock All Sounds’ in-app-purchase (£2.99/US$2.99/AUD$4.49 each). 

In-app purchases are one-time only – no subscriptions. If you pay to unlock all the sounds you’ll never have to pay to purchase more. Even if there are more sounds added in future, you’ll get them at no extra cost.  

There are no ads.

App Store Description

Use DogCam to play distracting sound effects whilst you snap photos or videos of your pup - they'll be so focused on the sounds you'll capture their best look every time!

DogCam is the ultimate dog camera app, and has been featured by Apple as App of the Day in over 140 countries two years running (2019 & 2020).

Plus it now offers over 100+ new sounds to keep your dog even more focused on the camera!

- Play sounds such as whistling, dogs barking, animal noises and squeaking toys to keep your dog focused on the camera
- Snap photos or record videos, whichever captures your dog's moment best
- Switch between the selfie and forward cameras in an instant
- Capture live photos
- Set the flash just the way you like it - on, off or automatic
- Set a countdown timer - 3 or 10 seconds
- Pinch to zoom
- Tap to re-focus
- Accessible design with voice-over support

Review from the Apple App Store team:
"The app is incredibly easy to use: just point, make some noise and shoot. When you've got a picture or video you're thrilled with, then you can share it straight from the app onto your favourite social feeds. Did somebody say #pupfluencer?"

What DogCam users say:

"Amazing app - I got some amazing pics with this app and also my dogs seem to love the sound."

"Absolutely brilliant! - This app is genius! My dog would never look at the camera for me to take a picture and now in all my pictures of her she is looking at the camera! I LOVE this app!"

"A very cute little app that I was quite happy to pay for the premium sounds. My dog absolutely loves it! The sounds make him want to pay attention so no more side head shots, and the fact that it is voice-over compatible means that even with my limited sight I can take pictures."

"Best Dog photo app ever. Downloaded this app to try on my fur babies, worked so good great photos that everyone comments on how did I get that great shot. Thank you so much for the great memories I will be taking."

"So good to use and it works. Actually starting to take proper pics at last. Not only that got some really funny ones. And the added bonus is it makes a great dog toy and is a good training aid. Will definitely recommend this to everyone I know!"

"Amazing!! Love this app I get such amazing pictures of my dogs! It’s easier then using the camera app on your phone the squeaky toy one works the best on my dogs."

DogCam sound packs include over 100 sounds to keep your dog distracted and focused on the camera. Sounds include whistles, animal noises, dogs barking and more! Check out some examples of the sounds included in each sound pack below:

Whistle Sounds Pack
- Whistle - dog call
- Whistle - attention
- Whistle - chord
- Whistle - fingers
- Whistle - funny
- Whistle - nightmare
- Whistle - trill
- Whistle - whizzing
- Whistle - wow
- Whistling song
- Police whistle
- Music box
- Angry human
- Baby babbling
- Spooky whistle
- Tea kettle boiling
- Tongue click
- Train whistle
- Weird noise

Dog Sound Pack
- Big dog barking
- Big guard dog
- Dog barking - close
- Dog barking - cute
- Dog barking - deep
- Dog barking - henlo
- Dog barking - howly
- Dog barking - squirrel!
- Dog crying
- Dog growling
- Dog howling - attention
- Dog howling - excited
- Dog howling - hungry
- Dogs fighting
- Puppy barking
- Small dog barking - playful
- Small dog barking - squeaky

Animal Sounds pack
- Birds whistling
- Cat angry
- Cat meow
- Cat purring
- Cows mooing
- Donkey
- Elephant
- Frog
- Goat small
- Goat happy
- Horse neighing
- Lion roar
- Monkeys excited
- Pigs squealing
- Pigs oinking
- Sheep bleating group
- Duck quacking

Toy Sounds Pack
- Quacky duck toy
- Seagull toy
- Squeaky toy - high pitch
- Squeaky toy - high pitched loud
- Squeaky toy
- Squeaky toy quiet
- Toy car horn
- Toy gun
- Toy rattle
- Wah wah toy